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My name is Joyce, 23, Avid gamer.Trying to be a good artist. Feel free to ask me stuff :) GMT+1 Click the link for more info!
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Demon W.I.P. ~ Almost done

Demon W.I.P. ~ Almost done

21 hours ago with 5 notes

Moving house

In a few days we’lll be moving house, so I’ll be very busy for a while.
We get the keys to our new appartment on Friday, and will actually move in on Monday.

I can’t guarantee daily art updates over the weekend, I’ll see if I can queue something up, but if I miss a day I have a good reason :P

Hopefully there will be no problems connecting the internet in our new place, but the ISP already sent the supplies to the wrong address, so we will see.

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~Style & Animation test

~Style & Animation test

1 day ago with 15 notes
W.I.P. ~ Sculpting clothing

W.I.P. ~ Sculpting clothing

2 days ago with 3 notes

Every time the side bar (the panel to the right that shows up when clicking someones profile name) pops up my graphics driver crashes an I have to force shutdown on my pc..
Tumblr what are you doing to my poor new graphics card..

I’m avoiding clicking the links but sometimes it will happen by accident :(

3 days ago with 1 notes
Daily Sketch ~ TibblesThe best looking kitty cat in all of TERA

Daily Sketch ~ Tibbles

The best looking kitty cat in all of TERA

3 days ago with 61 notes

Low Poly Set 3 ~ SnowAssets used to make this scene

Low Poly Set 3 ~ Snow
Assets used to make this scene

4 days ago with 10 notes
Low Poly Set 3 ~ Snow
<2000 poly scene

Low Poly Set 3 ~ Snow

<2000 poly scene

5 days ago with 177 notes

Character Concept ~ Demon

6 days ago with 4 notes

Trying out some Polypainting

1 week ago with 10 notes

Having fun with Fibers :3

1 week ago with 5 notes

W.I.P. ~ Demon
Final assignment of my Zbrush beginner course

1 week ago with 7 notes
Daily Sketch ~ Flower

Daily Sketch ~ Flower

1 week ago with 8 notes

I’ve started following courses on Unity (and Zbrush & Maya)
Really want to dump all those low-poly assets into one level and walk around in it :3

Still working on making more sets :)

1 week ago with 3 notes

My boyfriend made a lovely fruit tart today


Supertasty :3 and not just because of the booze custard

1 week ago with 6 notes
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